Do you have a Rowdy, Chaotic, or Frustrating dog that you want to be Calm, Peaceful, and a Joy to be around for you and your guests?

Maybe you have a dog who is Scared or a Disaster to take outside and you want them to be Confident and  Tranquil?

We can Absolutely Help Achieve those goals quickly and with lasting results and more. 

If you are just starting off or you have been through all the wrong people and it seems like your dog is too far gone to help. Hiring a PRO that is not just a Credentialed Training Professional but also a Credentialed Behavior Professional makes a drastic and effective difference. 

We at All-Big Canines not only understand the Professional side of things but we understand the owner's side of things. We have been where you are and we have climbed the mountains and made the changes with our own dogs and our client's dogs.

Having a dog who is difficult and add stress to your life can make coming home feel like a chore and increase your stress. Feeling defeated because the wrong people gave you advice that seemed to work and then caused more issues or didn't help at all is a common scenario we hear about. At All Big Canines we work with you and your dog to achieve goals and understand that training isn't a cookie cutter process. Everything is tailored toward you and your dog's needs. 

What can you expect from us?

      * Curriculum from group classes that sets the tone and expectations for owners and their dogs to reach the goals in class while having fun.

      * Group class homework that is easy to incorporate into your daily lives.

      * 1:1 programs that are tailored to meet all of your specific needs and to how you and your dog learn.

       * Board and Train is done differently. We accept dogs from only one family at a time. Dogs are in our home, updates via social media, text messages, youtube video links, phone calls, report cards, and emails. We encourage anyone looking at a board and train program to read the following position statement specifically on board and trains for the safety of their pets.

     * Science-Based, Humane, Force & Fear Free Training. What this means for our clients and their dogs is that their dogs never have the use of fear, intimidation, or pain (Prong, choke, shock, stim, check, pinch, e-collar, boinking, penny cans, squirt bottles, etc) used on or with their dogs. These tools and methods do not support behavior change and tend to cause other behavior issues, fear, and fallout such as medical issues and aggression. 

     * Service Dog training for Psychiatric Service Dogs, Mobility Assistance, and PTSD.

    * Behavior Intervention Programs for Reactivity, Aggression, Anxiety, and Obsessive Behaviors. 

Training Classes we offer:

Fido & You Fitness

Obedience 101

Puppy Foundations


Agility Novice

Field Rentals for Agility and Utility work

Intro to Nosework

C.L.A.S.S. Programs 

AKC CGC, Community Canine, Urban Canine, Virtual Home Manners

Tricks Classes and Titles 

Reactive Rover

Mini Sessions (1 skill-specific course)

Virtual Self-paced classes too!

Anyone interested in Group training classes may view our calendar, pricing, and register online by clicking here.

For those interested in Private Training or Behavioral Intervention  (In-Person or Virtual) or a Board and Train program, please fill out our history form below or download our fillable PDF version and fill out, save, then email back to us at 

Happy Dog