A veterinary practice is busy enough without having to add major behavior issues to the mix of your waiting room. As the Coachella Valleys ONLY Fear Free Certified Trainer we have put together a multitude of resources and support for your clinic, staff, and patients to help reduce the levels of FAS (Fear, Anxiety, and Stress) that occur during veterinary visits. These include scheduled after hour clinic visits for training, resources for veterinarians and patients, consulting on design, and patient support.

Please contact us here to receive access to our Vet Library and schedule your free Lunch & Learn or Breakfast & Learn. 

20 minute presentation and Free Food. We know your time is valuable and that staffing is costly so we have packed a lot of relevant and retain-able information into a quick presentation. 

Until then feel free to click on the PDF's on this page for free handouts you can use with your clients and your practice. 

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