Pitbull Portrait

A black and white dane mix dog looking toward the camera with its head tilted to the right

All Big Canines is exactly that. A facility with acres of safe space for your large, extra-large, and giant breed dogs to play, train, and socialize.

  1. Our indoor and outdoor spaces allow for your dog to engage in fulfilling play wherever they feel comfortable.

  2. Small staff to dog ratio aids in the prevention of any incidents.

  3. Play staff is Certified Pet Caregivers or Certified Dog Trainers.

  4. Playgroups are based on dog size and play style.

  5. Plenty of breaks and individual lunchtime. 

  6. Finally, a place for ALL breeds of Big Dogs to be treated as well as little dogs.  


  • Daily Rate 55.00Assessment fee 15.00

  • Pick Up & Drop Off  50 per week or 12.00 per day

  • Lunch 3.00  (provide owner provided meal at no charge)

Great Dane
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